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ACRC comments on the pandemic, the economic situation, and the future of the Company

Updated: May 12, 2020

May 1, 2020

American Condor Resources Corporation (“ACRC” or the “Company”) comments on the pandemic, the economic situation, and the future of the Company.

Christopher Werner, American Condor Resources CEO, stated: “It’s a new era for the world with the pandemic, the economic crisis and uncertainty it brings to the global markets. We have compassion for those who have suffered during this unprecedented period and we have a responsibility to our stakeholders to perform in this uncertain and difficult time. In that regard, we have two things in our favor. (i) First, gold appears to be performing well and should continue the upward trend well into the future; and (ii) Second, our target market, both the late-stage exploration operators ready to commence production, and early stage production operators, need financing more than ever and our financing model will perform well in these sectors possibly producing greater returns than originally projected.”

ACRC is planning strategic North American corporate expansion by partnering with an alternative metals capital provider. Please visit

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