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ACRC Files 4th Amendment of Form 1A Offering Circular

June 1, 2020

American Condor Resources Corporation (“ACRC” or the “Company”) comments on the rise in the price of gold and the filing of its 4th Amendment to its Form 1A Offering Circular with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission.

Christopher Werner, the Company’s CEO, stated: “Gold continues to outperform as an asset class and has appreciated close to 40% in the past year. Our investment thesis predicted a strong gold performance given the macroeconomic environment we continue to face; and it is a prediction we made when we formed the company back in late 2018. We are now ideally positioned to capture our targeted market after we complete ACRC’s capital raise. We also would like to announce that we have just filed our 4th amendment to our offering circular, pursuant to Regulation A+, and expect to clear final comments on the filing in the 3rd quarter of this year.”

ACRC is planning strategic North American corporate expansion by partnering with an alternative metals capital provider. Please visit

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