• Christopher Werner

U.S.-based precious metals custodian/ fulfillment house to manage gold and silver bullion under ACRC

American Condor Resources Corporation (“ACRC” or the “Company”) announces their plan to engage a U.S.-based precious metals custodian and fulfillment house to manage gold and silver bullion under ACRC’s control.

Christopher Werner, ACRC President and CEO, stated “Our developing relationship with a Bermuda-based Alternative Mine Finance entity will require us to engage a U.S. based precious metals custodian to enable us to purchase and sell gold and silver bullion in connection with the management structure being developed with our Bermuda-based partners. We have identified the custodian and we will have a unique redemption feature for the equity holders which will allow them to redeem their investment in whole or in part into gold or silver bullion.”

ACRC, in affiliation with the newly formed entity which is preparing to issue a Security Token Offering (STO) to secure a large pool of capital to be used to invest in near term production gold and silver companies (many of which are publicly traded,) is consistent with ACRC and the Mine Finance entity’s core corporate missions.

ACRC is planning strategic North American corporate expansion by partnering with an alternative metals capital provider. Please visit

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